Earth Mango-Habanero Hot Sauce
Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauces have a heat scale based on the general proximity of a planet to the solar system's sun. The average year-round kelvin temperature is used to sequence the sauces from mild to hot.
This is the sweet and medium-heat sauce you are looking for if you are tired of the blandness of common pepper, salt and vinegar sauces. The roasted habanero & jalapeno peppers with cayenne peppers provide the heat and the mango and lime provide the sweet and sour mixture. The sauce would not be complete without adding our proprietary blend of special spices to bring an aroma and flavor like no other hot sauce in the world. Try Earth on your favorite midday luncheon sandwiches, burgers, potatoes or any American cuisine and surprise your palate every day!

Item #005320